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Rope Exercises
CrossFit Exercises

We all know that health and fitness are highly important! However, sometimes getting up and getting out the door can be a struggle. Even if you do get to the gym, sometimes you just find yourself aimlessly wondering around hoping that you're doing the right thing. You're lost and have no idea if what you're doing works... and that's where I come in. 


"I travel to any area of California"

I understand that it gets difficult to get started on an exercise routine. And once you do you need someone who doesn't take "NO" for an answer and doesn't allow you to give up on yourself. Unfortunately , it's hard finding trainers and coaches like that which is why i'm willing to travel to you. I've been training people all across California and I'm 100% dedicated to people who are in it to WIN IT!! I will not let you FAIL and I will get you the results you deserve.  Just contact me and let's have a fitness consult via phone call or in person. 

My name is Marcel Walker and I'm a Nationally Certified Fitness, Nutritional, and Life Coach. I have over 16 years of life changing experience and I'm here to change yours. I've trained hundreds of clients over the years and have developed a proven training method that demands results.  No more guessing because I will personally build you a unique custom workout routine, and nutritional meal plan to follow and make any necessary adjustments needed weekly. 


Personal Training done Right!!

I understand that the workout is everything, and that's why I have taken pride in providing you with the best and newest equipment so that you experience the BEST and more FOR-FILLING WORKOUTS! 


Upon your arrival you will come into top of the line equipment consisting of Kettle bells, TRX suspension systems, Battle Ropes, Rope training systems,  Weights and MORE to keep those muscles looking tight and toned.


Pair this with a energetically charged atmosphere and the (optional) use of music it creates a workout sensation like no other.

After our initial fitness consult, I will create a fitness program tailored to your specific needs and current level of fitness. We ensure the progression and safety of our clients so we will consistently modify the routine as needed. 


CrossFit Equipment

"Take care of your BODY

It's the only place you have to LIVE!!! "

Cooking Eggs

Nutrition is 70% of your results and it's important that your receive a fully customized weekly meal plan to ensure you're getting proper nutrients in order to reach your goals. 


Nor boring meal plans, we customize our plans with great tasting foods


Every week we will do progress check-ins. This is where we find track your current weight, measurements and change anything up on your nutritional plan for better results.  Don't worry, you're always going to have access to contact with me. 

Total Online Support

Results Don't LIE!!

Guaranteed Results or you don't pay!!

* All traveling P.T. sessions will be accommodated with all the necessary workout equipment needed during the private session. 


* All (LOCAL) P.T. sessions will have access to special commercial exercise equipment located in Group Studio

                    Basic Package

            Call for Pricing

                     8 sessions per month



               Premium Package

            Call for Pricing

                  10 sessions per month



                     Elite Package

            Call for Pricing

                  12 sessions per month



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