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If you aren't near a SWEAT, we may still have options that may suit your needs. 

                                      Built by SWEAT training program- phase 1                                                                       (Online program only)
                       (Recommended for those with less than 2 years experience)


​Weightloss, and Toning are important and although we would love to be able to have a personal trainer, sometimes life just gets in the way. Thats why I offer my highly successful SWEAT Training Program. It has everything you need to get in shape, get lean and stay that way. By using my one of a kind techniques, you will not only feel a difference, but you will see a difference. If you're looking to lose 10-20 lbs. this 5 week fitness plan is for you and includes meal plans, workouts and supplement guidance to insure you become the person you always wanted to be. Having something that helps keep you accountable while taking the guess work out of your routine is highly important. Take advantage now and get this low intro price. 

                                           (Must have access to gym or gym equipment)


Includes Diet and Workout Program

Progress Checking and Question Days           ONLY 99.99!!!!



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Private 1 on 1 Training

Are you intrested in getting in shape but, you need knowledge on what to do for your body or how to get your physique to the next level? Well this package is designed for that reason, we sit and consult with you to figure out what your specific needs are and what we can do to get your body to the upgraded version you want it to be. Every press, push, pull and lunge will be drectly suited for your body. Weekly meal and supplement plans will also be given so don't hesitate let's get started today.


Comes with 100% customizable and individually tailored nutrition menu, nutritional counseling and customized at home workout plan.

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