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Our Recharge Classes

As a member of SWEAT you will get access to some of our specialty classes that can be a nice change-up to create a healthy mindset and reset you before your AFTERBURN SESSIONS


* Premium and Elite Package Members Only

Monday                    Tuesday                           Wednesday                  Thursday                 Friday                  Saturday


Torque                             POP Pilates                                                                                      L.I.F.T.                                                                     Pulse Cycle

5:30am                       5:30am                                                                               5:30am                                                       7:30am 











Torque                 Butts-N-Gutts                   Battle Stations            

6:30pm                       6:30pm                               6:30pm                 



Class Descriptions


                     INSANITY *LIVE 


Now your favorite beach body DVD has come to SWEAT. Experience the intensity in a live setting with personal one on one attention. Modifications included for those who may have trouble or new to this type of training. Don't miss out!!

                     Fierce Cycle  


Unchained is a cycling class where riders move to the beat and taught how to use proper form. It's a fun and intense experience! This edgy environment offers a raw and rockin' eclectic mix of music and when the lights go out your class becomes a more personal experience as you control your tension on the bike (and the break you may need to take every so often).

New Riders - we will teach you!

Seasoned Riders - we will always continue to challenge you! 

Call your core to the floor, and engage your upper body all within an hour's workout. It's challenging endurance, superior strength-building, and is sure to make your pulse pound and your soul sweat... Come early so we can help you set up! 

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